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Beauties Still Life

it did not take long and what started as a hobby, became shortly a permanent part of my life and an essential part of my career. self study trough numerous workshops, trainings and at the end my own experimentation led not only to defining my personal stile but also to several national and international competition awards. beside a wide range of professional equipment, I rely on a large network of competent partners for the realization of extravagant ideas and projects.



Main Scope / Motivation:


to capture the unique beauty of each creature or of the moment and sometimes to evoke a story within the spectator.

the fun during the planning and execution of the shootings is for me just as important as the joy during the post production and the achievement of outstanding results.





At this point I would like to express my great thanks to all the models, makeup artist, colleagues, friends as well as my family, who supported me during my projects and made all of it possible.




people photography:


business / personal

character portraits

extraordinary personal photography

set cards /model portfolios

nudes / lingerie



coaching and support for photographers:


idea finding

concept planning and realization

light and scene setting

post production

art direction


architecture photography / object and construction documentation of every




aside the pressure of contract work and as far as time allows, I attempt to execute two types of projects:


on the one hand, I try to capture the different nuances of the unique female beauty. here the model is in the center of the illustration and the surroundings serve as picture frame or just hold the scene together.


on the other hand, I dedicate myself to different projects where the illustration results from the interaction of the model and the surroundings  itself and thus evoking a story within the spectator. here the model is only a part of the whole scene and therefore of same importance as the surroundings.


these 2 different scales of illustration offer a large field of interaction for me as a photographer and interested models.


newest projects:

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